High speed mill

High Speed Mills are universally used hammer mills. They are counted to be high standard machines in the bulk industry, in feed milling, for ethanol production, fiber processing and other industries. They are used for grinding of dry materials as well as for wet grinding. The range of drive power is from 11 to 250 kW.

Our rigid and proven types have done reliable work for decades. They are well – engineered and easy to maintain and service. In case of damage customers can usually help themselves and do not require a specialist.

Special quality features are the dynamically balanced rotor and large dimensioned bearings, which guarantee a long life time and smooth running of the mill, even under extreme operation conditions. Many of our machines have exceeded 30 years of operation.


  • Explosion protected design according to the EC-machine-directive 94/9/EC (ATEX directive)
  • Production certified to quality management standard ISO 9001
  • Rigid base frame, easy installation on vibration dampers
  • Very strong housing, wall thickness between 10 and 15 mm
  • Enforced and exchangeable wear parts, availability of spare parts guaranteed for minimum 20 years
  • Protection against foreign bodies by an integrated trap inside the grinding chamber, easy to clean
  • Life time of the dynamically balanced rotor more than 10 years on the average
  • Extremely fast change of the beaters within a few minutes by using a beater change tool
  • At many types easy change of the screens without using tools


* Exceptions possible. See description of individual type

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