Counterflow cooler

Type CCR Counterflow Cooler Round, for capacity up to 60 tons/hour.

  • The CCR round shape counterflow cooler will not only allow you to be very flexible with your installation on site but will also ensure homogeneous cooling of the product due to the lack of “dead zones”.
  • The hood and cylindrical housing are designed in such a way that they can be turned 15° separately from each other.
  • The option of a motorized pellet distribution system will make sure that pellets are evenly distributed over the whole cooling area in order to prevent any irregular cooling.
  • The discharge is effected by a highly efficient system working on the principle FIRST IN – FIRST OUT, even with none free flowing products.
  • The cooler can be supplied knocked down for easy installation.

Type CCS Counterflow Cooler Square, for capacity up to 60 tons/hour.

  • The CCS square shape counterflow cooler is the combination of the unique discharge system on the CCR cooler but in combination with a traditional square or rectangular cooling surface.
  • To prevent the irregular distribution and cooling with the square shape, the cooler can be supplied with the unique DD distribution system to secure that corners are filled evenly.
  • The DD system gives the most even layer height in the cooler for both square as well as rectangular ones.
  • The CCS cooler is the alternative to the CCR when the space is limited.
  • In accordance with the design and construction, the CCS cooler can be custom-made for any available space.
  • The cooler can be supplied knocked down for easy installation.
  • The cooling surface is built of perforated profiled plates with an angle allowing all products, even none free flowing, to be discharged. The increased open area reduces the resistance over the bottom whether the discharge is activated or not. This means that the air amount and speed can be adapted to each individual product and capacity for optimal cooling.
  • The discharge system is as standard controlled by a pneumatic cylinder moving the discharge back and forward as above two way system. Optionally the discharge can be controlled with a gearmotor or hydraulically.
  • As standard, the perforated profiled cooling plates are removable. This feature makes it possible to remove them from the cooler for complete cleaning of the discharge and cooler bottom. This ensures a high hygienic environment inside the cooler. If the cooler is situated where external air into the cooler is warm, the cooler can as an option be supplied with external air inlets for cold air to the cooler.
  • Both types of coolers are available with the unique discharge bunker cooling system for a quick discharge for formula change.

As standard the coolers are supplied with:

  • Hood, air lock and bin walls/cylinder in stainless steel.
  • Pneumatic operated discharge system.
  • Hopper and legs in normal steel.
  • Two capacitive products sensors.
  • Stationary pellet spreader.


  • Perforated profiled cooling plates in stainless steel.
  • Control system.
  • Motorized or hydraulic discharge.
  • Rotary pellet spreader.
  • Fire prevention in air exhaust.

The counter-flow cooler is designed to cool pellets, flakes, oilseeds, grain and similar free-flowing products after processing.

Energy efficient cooling Cool air is drawn into the cooler, under the discharge section. It passes across the product that is evenly distributed across a large perforated cooling surface and is expelled via an external ventilator.  When the raw materials meet the cold air flow, heat and water vapour are exchanged cooling the product by degrees as it progresses through the cooler. The coldest and driest air meets the coolest and driest products and optimising efficiency. Separation of the air intake and product discharge, combined with the relatively large cooling surface, ensures a homogenous air flow and a low energy consumption.

Gentle on products Air is passed through the product layer at approx. 0,8-1,1 m/sec. which minimises evaporation of water  from the product making the cooling process gentle on products. Furthermore, limiting evaporation to a minimum ensures that condensation on the inside of the cooler is also limited hereby ensuring hygiene in use.

Non-stop cooling enhances efficiency Designed for continuous usage, has developed a bunker discharge system that allows change over from one product or recipe to another with a change time of approx. 1 min. The cooled product is discharged via the motorised outlet to the bunker system, the first product into the cooler being discharged first. The perforated cooling surface may be dismantled for cleaning without the use of tools.

Flexible industrial design The Counter-flow Cooler is available in two designs, square and round, for flexibility of installation. Both designs are equipped with a cooling chamber manufactured in 2-3 mm stainless steel plate with a reinforced glass inspection hatch for ease of access.

Low maintenance and operating costs The industrial design of counter-flow cooler makes it robust, highly reliable and ensures consistent results ie. uniform moisture content.

Technical data


Capacity (t/h):
Pillet size:4 mm, 650 kg/m3
Water content:15 – 16%
Fat content: 4 – 6%
Air volume:900 – 1200 m3/t/h
Resistance:1000 – 1500 Pascal


Capacity (t/h):
Pillet size:4 mm, 650 kg/m3
Water content:15 – 16%
Fat content: 4 – 6%
Air volume:900 – 1200 m3/t/h
Resistance:1000 – 1500 Pascal

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