Fat dosing to the continuous mixers


Homogeneous mixing of solids and liquids

The continuous horizontal mixers are fast mixers of strong construction with agitator paddles conceived for adding liquids to floury and fibrous substances for mixings without lumps due to the swirl principle. With an adequate predisposition of the agitator paddles it is possible to control the retention time of the product in the mixer in motion and with the swirl formations adapted in this way mixing the respected products. Our dispensing equipments of liquids work volumetrically (magnetic-inductive meters). These have been developed for a wide application and dose liquids for several viscosities and temperatures. These can dose pre established quantities of liquid and provide the regulated flux or flow according to the quantity of the product that needs to be mixed with the liquid. The regulation is started when the pilot signal is received which can be emited on the scale of continuous passage (15) or by a dispenser with endless screw (13).


The advisable optimum dosage oscillates between 1% and a 5%, possibility to increase more, bearing in mind the mechanical technical characteristics of every installation, as well as the distances between the finished product to the storage silos and storage times to be minimum.


SCALE VERSION. The required product quantity that is coming into the mixer (Tn/h) is determined by the passage system of feed in motion. The feed flow to measure collides with the impact plate and move it horizontally against a spring sets. This moving, (2 mm max), is a correct proportional measure of flow.

DOSAGE FEEDER VERSION. The required product quantity that is coming into the mixer is determined by the cubic capacity system of dispensing feeder. Starting from a tachometer placed on its axle it will obtain a variable dragging volume depending on its speed, if at any moment we introduce the correct density value of dosed feed we will be able to determine a dragging constant kgs/revolution and therefore its equivalent in Tn/h.

TEMPORIZATION VERSION. Is applied in the dosages more or less discontinuous, when the calculated Tn/h. production is difficult to determine due to reties or extraction worms, feed by output elevators, etc. In these cases apply the dosage system of Kg. by temporization. A bore placed on the mixer input will determine the starting of dosage, as well as its conclusion taking advantage of product passing for the liquid addition.


Total automatic control of dosage by microprocessor.

  • Solid flow indication Tn/h. machine production.
  • Liquid flow indication Kg/h. dosage.
  • Liquid preselection in percentages.
  • Kg totalization of fluid.
  • Equipment for the manual control.

Signal switches and lamps for the control and the checking of function with necessary situations and signal contacts or manufacturing lots for the dosage elements integrated for the different manufacturing processes.

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