Centrifugal fans

The wide range of industrial fans can be offered for different application which can convey clean or dusty air. They are suitable for all applications with medium or high capacity and medium or high pressure.

The fans can be used in suction, flues extraction, material conveyance of sawdust, short wooden chips, plastic materials, drying systems and chemical plants.

Technical features

The scroll is made from beaded and welded sheet steel, impeller with open blades made in welded sheet steel dynamically balanced, motor support made in welded sheet steel and steel section.


The fans are equipped with three-phase asynchronous electric motors according UNEL-MEC standards coupled directly or by transmission to the impeller. They can be build with clockwise (RD) or anticlockwise (LG) rotation and they can be oriented from 45º to 45º.

Special execution

For all range of the fans special execution may be possible, like construction in stainless steel or for high temperatures and the ATEX execution for the zones 1-21 or 2-22.


To provide a solution for all different ventilation needs, both for industrial process and air treatment, we can offers a wide range of accessories, which are essential for fulfilling the specific features required in all installations.

Flanges, dampers, governors, valves, anti-vibration mountings, filters, silencers and many other components make the difference between an ordinary installation and yours; there is a solution for every application.

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