Premix line

Premix line represents number of silos installed on own supporting frame, each silo is made from stainless steel and has its dosing unit, weighing machine and detacher. Dosed product flows simultaneously from all silos in storage bin installed under metering screw conveyers and then is delivered in mixer.

Micro dosing system is know-how system. The most important advantage of plant is high dosing accuracy (±  2-4 g) and also simultaneous dosing of all components present in silo due to which raw material excess consumption is excluded, efficiency is increased and product reaches very high quality.

System for micro component dosing can compose of any number of silos.


  • Metering accuracy ± 2-4 g for 200 kg.
  • Simultaneous product dosing from all silo (each silo has its dosing and weighing).
  • Dosing principle “for reducing” is used.
  • Product detacher is present in each silo.
  • Self-cleaning belt conveyor made from stainless steel provides separate transportation of batch and allows avoiding of undesirable product entering in the following batch.
  • Equipment is completely made from stainless steel.

Table given below demonstrates different variants of  line completing and also component dosing accuracy. For example, there is a possibility of installing weighing for 500 kg or 200 kg in silo 600 L that at the same screw conveyer but different dosing unit allows reaching of different product dosing accuracy.

Silos Volume in litersWeighing, kgGradationingramsDosingunit, ØMotorcapacity, kWDosingefficiency, kg/secDosingaccuracy, +/- g.

The dosed microcomponents enter the mixer where they are mixed and feed to the packaging or proceed the further production of compound feed.

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