Single shaft mixer

Horizontal single-shaft blade mixer VKL is a machine which is used for production of uniform mixtures of dry substances such as cereals, flour, grain, flakes, refined maters, minerals and powdery substances. Liquids can be added with the help of spraying devices with nozzles.

Mixer VKL is applied in branches connected with production of mixed feeds, premixes, extract and foodstuffs besides the machine is manufactured according to the requirements in each specific case.

Mixing chamber has a form of open cylinder with two tangent valves installed on both sides from product supply into mixer.

Progressive adjustment system of blades fixed to shaft inside guarantees excellent homogeneity (1:100.000) and qick discharge of products inside. Due to it contamination between mixings is excluded. Depending on nature of mixed product, mixer can be made from carbon steel, stainless steel or its coated with polytetrafluoroethylene.

Mixer shaft is installed on two roller bearings and it is driven by directly connected one to gear engine which reduces loss of energy and expenditures connected with maintenance of gear box and roller chain transmission

Mixer can be installed on deformation frame which is connected to metering system controlled by computer allowing control of production.

Perfectly designed form and progressive system of blades guarantees variational coefficient of mixing less than 5% for 10 rpm. With 1:100.000 concentration.


Series of VKL mixers covers wide range of productivities from 1000 up to 8000 liters which guarantee any solving of production needs.

  • Mixing time: 2 minutes
  • Number of mixings: 20 mixings per hour
  • Productivity: 20 mixings/hour.
  • Accuracy of mixing is 5% at 10 rpm (1:100.000).
  • Speed of unloading = 15 seconds.
  • Long-term holding in mixing chamber.
  • Ease of operation.


  • System for fats and oils adding (up to 6%).
  • Weighting system and computer control.
TypeMixer volumekWR.P.M. (1)ABDEFGHLMN

Productivity is stated in liters, sizes – in millimeters, engine (1) 50 Hz

Fats and oils adding

On request preheated atomizer burner may be installed for fats and oils adding.

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