There are several types of crumblers with the diameter of the rollers 220 mm and 250 mm, are used to produce high quality crushed mixed fodder in various areas of livestock, such as poultry, pork, and other industries where there is a need for high-quality grinding with a minimal amount of dust.

The body is made from strong welded carbon steel with an integrated pneumatic valve for the bypass, through which you can get around crumbling pellets if this is required.

In – and outlet with flange connections. House with foundation for direct 4 point mounting.

Basis for the main engines are mounted on the housing. The feeding roller is equipped with its own drive. To ensure stable operation of the rollers are associated with tough exterior bearings.

To protect against damage of rollers caused by foreign objects, one of the rollers can part. To achieve quick, accurate reposition and uniform operation, the portable roller is equipped with spring mechanism.

The benefits of crumblers:

  • Large roll diameter (220 mm and 250 mm) for optimum capture;
  • The feeding roller;
  • Built-in air bypass.
  • Fine adjustment of the aperture by using two measuring scales
  • Adjusting the rollers may vary from 0 to 3 mm.

Optional equipment:

  • Remote control of the hole;
  • Alternate corrugating rollers;

Capacity range: 4-45 tons / hour *
* This capacity is calculated on the distance between the rollers of 2.5 mm granule size of 4-5 mm.

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